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Nevsky Prospekt

NEVSKY PROSPEKT - The heart of St. Petersburg. If one wants to find the best clubs, hotels, restaurants, and café’s, Nevsky Prospect is the place to go. One cannot describe the effect that Nevsky puts on oneself. The aurora and the beauty of the street make all wanting to come back for more. Nevsky Prospect starts at Plosshad Alexandra Nevskogo, and ends after the Hermitage. The architecture, history, and beauty of Nevsky, leaves all in awe of the street after visiting it. The center and heart of the city, Nevsky Prospect, is a must see for all who visit St. Petersburg.

Nevsky  Prospekt  was planned by the French architect Alexandre Jean Baptiste LeBlond, whilst working for the city's founder, Tsar Peter I (the Great).  

Originally called the Great Perspective Road until 1738. It was cut through almost 4.5 km of forest land (c1718) and it varies between 25 and 60 meters in width. From(1918 - 44) it was officially known as the Avenue of the 25th of October, alluding to the day of the October revolution, It's stretching from the historic Admiralty in the north to the Alexander Nevsky Monastery.

Alexander Nevsky was a 13th century Russian national hero who was given credit for defeating the separate Swedish and German invading armies. He was later canonized and lies buried in the Lavra, which is the monastery named after him by Peter the Great.

Nevsky Prospekt has five Metro stations along its length, with each having its own unique identity. These are; "Ploshchad  Aleksandra Nevskogo", "Ploshchad Vosstaniya", "Mayakovskaya", "Gostinyy Dvor" and "Nevsky Prospekt". & sixth station called 'Admiralty 'just off Nevsky on Bolshaya Morskaya ul. How many streets in the world can boast of having six separate underground stations?  you can admire majestic buildings as the Russian National Library, the literary Cafe, the Stroganov Palace, churches of various denominations and even fine monuments, one dedicated to Catherine the Great in Ostrovsky Square or beautiful statues of horses located near the Bridge Anichkov. It's just on the Nevsky Prospekt that you can find most of the shops of the city, where a merry nightlife should not miss as well as the massive Mall of the eighteenth century.The residents of St. Petersburg are fortunate that Lenin decided to transfer the capital of Russia to Moscow, as that decision ensured that Nevsky Prospekt and the city centre retained its uniqueness and was not blighted with towering characterless skyscrapers as Moscow has been.

Nevsky Prospekt   Nevsky Prospekt Nevsky Prospekt

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