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Museum of Dolls

The MUSEUM OF DOLLS is located on the Neva River close to the chapel of the Blessed Xenia, and the river Smolenka. It is one of the most cozy and hospitable museums in St. Petersburg. It was one of the first private museums in Russia, which was created in 1998. At first, the museum’s collection was based on just private collections from donors, but now the museum is host to several different dolls from different collectors and companies.

Here in the Museum of Dolls, one can find the complete history of dolls from their beginnings to the modern era. There are eight permanent exhibition halls, including the interior rooms with dolls from fairy tales, Russian folk dolls, traditional ceremony dolls, and a theatre and masquerade hall. Also available is a demonstration workshop showing how the production of souvenir dolls is created. 

The Academy of Theatre Arts created some of the collections and showrooms. The best works of students are gathered in the halls of the museum. The collaboration with the academy has contributed to the emergence of a new St. Petersburg Museum of Dolls exposure. The popularity and recognition of this museum has grown drastically over the past few years. So come over and see a great museum, especially if you love dolls and everything about them.

Business hours: Open on all workdays and weekends from 10 am to 6 pm. Address: Vasilievky Island, Kamskaya Str 8. Closest metro Vasileostrovslaya (Василеостровская) Ticket price: 150 rub for adults and 50-70 rub for kids. Telephone: +7 (812) 327 72 24. Additional information: The dollcraft maser-class runs every Saturday at 11 am. Single ticket - 250 rub and 300 rub - family ticket (1 kid + 1 adult)

Museum of Dolls   Museum of Dolls   Museum of Dolls Museum of Dolls Museum of Dolls   Museum of Dolls   Museum of Dolls Museum of Dolls

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