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Pulkovo Airport (LED)

St. Petersburg only airport, PULKOVO (LED), is one of the busiest airports in Russia. In size, its relatively small compared to the massive airports in Moscow, but on the other hand, Pulkovo is very easy to get around and convenient for travelers. The airport is located about 20 minutes from Moskovskaya metro station. Pulkovo has two terminals, Pulkovo-1, and Pulkovo-2. Pulkovo-1 is home to mostly domestic flights, and Pulkovo-2 is the main terminal for international flights. In a year, nearly 8.5 million passengers travelled through Pulkovo.

Pulkovo was originally named Shosseynaya airport in 1932, as it was finally completed in this year. Pulkovo was the center of fighting during the Siege of Leningrad during the Second World War. The Nazi’s used the airport for supplies and transport, but also used the hills around the airport for artillery strikes on the city. 

Pulkovo now is a small airport in comparison to other airports around the world, but in 2025 it is estimated that a new terminal will be built, in which will consist of 18 gates. The massive re-modernization of the airport started in 2008. When exiting the plane at Pulkovo, one must take a bus to the main terminal gates. The distance is not so far, so it will take only about 5-6 minutes to get to the terminal. Getting to the airport is easy also. One may order a taxi, take a bus from Moskovskaya metro station, or book a cab through the hotel that you are staying at. The best way however is to use our cheap accommodation services in our homepage. The best deals in St. Petersburg can be found only with our site.

Pulkovo is home to several different airliners from all around the world. The most used airline at Pulkovo is the Russian airline service, but one may fly to over 300 destinations all around the world and Europe easily. Pulkovo now has the opportunity to become an internationally recognized modern airport in the next few years. The airport is key to the city of St. Petersburg, as it hourly brings hundreds of guests to St. Petersburg.

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