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Catherine Palace | Attractions

The Catherine Palace is located just outside of St. Petersburg in the small town of Pushkin. It was the summer residency of the tsars before the Bolshevik revolutions during the early 1900’s. The Palace is almost 300 years old and was constructed originally in 1717. The Palace is renowned for its beauty, inside and outside. The south side of the palace features a beautiful garden, and is a popular destination for tourists all year around. The palace is a beautiful site during the winter when the palace itself and the area around are covered in snow. It is also a great place to go in the spring and summer when the weather is nice and people can appreciate the outside of the palace during the great weather and take a walk around the garden.

The Palace was ordered to be constructed by the Russian tsarina, Catherine I. She was engaged a German architect named Johann-Friedrich Braunstein, and also commissioned several other famous painters, sculptures, and architects to make the palace to what it is today. 

When coming to St. Petersburg, the Catherine Palace is a must see place to visit. It is a symbol of the former power of the tsars and also a beautiful sight anytime of the year.

Address: Sadovaya street, 7, town of Pushkin, St-Petersburg, Russia.

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