In January, a Giant Moon Over St. Petersburg
Sunday, 12 January 2014 17:16

Photographer: Alexander Petrosyan

In January, a Giant Moon Over St. Petersburg

Photo by: Alexander Petrosyan

On January 30th, residents of the city on the Neva will see a truly unique natural phenomenon, which some call the Supermoon. There is a reason for this: because the sky of that night will illuminate a huge disk of the moon, which will be as close as possible to the earth.

On this night, there will be a new full moon, the lunar disk which seems more than a few dozen times bigger and shines brighter by as much as 30%. It is worth noting that the distance between the planet and the satellite will decrease by only a few percent.

The Supermoon can be observed not only on the night of January 30. The largest and most vibrant time to see this will be summer 2014.


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