Spring will exhibit at the Hermitage paintings by Monet
Tuesday, 14 January 2014 06:22

Venice Twilight by Claude Monet

Venice Twilight are two words that come to mind when you hear Claude Monet

To get acquainted with the works of genius and founder of impressionism, Claude Monet from the Baylor Fund collection, St. Petersburg residents will be able in the vast Winter Palace this spring. 

Paintings by the French painter Claude Monet, who was one of the founders of the impressionist flow, exposes the joy of art lovers in St. Petersburg and can be found only in the Winter Palace, May 20th, this year.

The exhibition will include three iconic paintings from the Baylor Fund.

It is worth noting that at this point in the collection of the State Hermitage includes eight paintings of the famous genius impressionism. Under their exposure had a full room, known as the "Hall of Monet." It is located on the third floor of the Winter Palace. Here, St. Petersburg can see the wizard such as: "The Lady in the Garden", "Waterloo Bridge", "Corner of the Garden at Montgeron" and "Pond at Montgeron."

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