On the facade of the General Staff will be a 3D- installation of besieged Leningrad
Monday, 20 January 2014 12:53

The 900 days

On the facade of the General Staff will be a 3D-installation of besieged Leningrad

On the Day of the 70th anniversary of the lifting the blockade, January 27, 2014, a large-scale 3D-installation on the facade of the General Staff building, built on newsreels, will allow St. Petersburg to take a look at the militarily besieged Leningrad. 

Citizens and guests will find themselves in the atmosphere of the January day when the frozen and starved city, lost for 900 days of blockade with over a million of its people, learned about the liberation of the city from the blockade.

On the screens, viewers will see photos and video footage of air-raids, air bombardments, fighting for the liberation of the city, tears of joy of people survived to this day. Under military songs, St.Petersburgians will see episodes illustrating the feat of our loved ones and grandparents, who spared their lives for the city to protect our future.

Also in celebration of the lifting of the blockade, on Palace Square at 19.00 a minute of silence will be held. This is when the concert will begin. Palace Square will have cars, motorcycles and other vehicles of the war years and there will be exhibited artillery and anti-tank obstacles. 



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