Aqua Buses Begin to Work in St. Petersburg
Saturday, 31 May 2014 22:55

Aqua buses Saint Petersburg

Aqua Buses Begin to Work in St. Petersburg 

This week kicked off the new season of the St. Petersburg city water transportation. Aqua buses will transport passengers on the waves until October 29.

This year the transportation will be more common to find and will have a busier schedule than in previous years. Passengers will be paying from 70 to 180 rubles for a trip.

Aqua buses will have two routes. The first one goes from the pier at Kirov Central park (Russian: причал парка ЦПКиО) to Arsenal embankment (Russian: Арсенальная набережная) and the second one from Finland Railroad Station (Russian: Финляндский вокзал) to the Bronze Horseman.

From the pier at Kirov Central Park, the first ship sails away at 7:30 am and the last ship is scheduled for 9:00 pm - in this mode the aqua buses will work on week days. Whereas on the weekend, aqua buses will go around 10:00 and carry passengers to 22:00.


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