Festival "Nevskaya Rus"
Monday, 30 June 2014 22:15

Nevskaya Rus

Festival "Nevskaya Rus"

On Saturday, July 12, everyone who is indifferent to the traditional Russian culture can come to the Park of 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg and attend the festival "Nevskaya Rus".

From noon to six o'clock in the evening, visitors can listen to folk musicians; watch melee fighting, or sing and dance in a ring. The festival will have fair masters as well. Organizers also promise contests with prizes. 

The festival will bring together those who love the traditional culture of Russia. Entrance to the event is free and it is recommended to come in ethnic costumes. Things there will not only be for adults but also for children - for them, the festival will be equipped with a special field. Holiday guests can enjoy Russian cuisine made by ancestral recipes. 

Where: Park of 300th anniversary of St. Petersburg 

When: July 12 at 12:00 

Free admission


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