Festival of Kites "Fly Easily"
Monday, 14 July 2014 18:53

Festival of Kites \

Festival of Kites "Fly Easily"  

In the sky above St. Petersburg will rise hundreds of kites of all sizes, colors and, of course, forms. Everyone can participate in this show, which will undoubtedly be the most beautiful and romantic summer event. The festival will take place on July 19th in the 300 years St Petersburg's anniversary park.

Oriental dragons, unidentified flying objects, and standard fairy-tale characters, familiar to everyone since childhood kites, will rise high into the sky. Those who constructed these kites for this great festival are the best from Russia, Europe and around the whole world!

The kites are not alone though, they will be dancing in front of beautiful white clouds. 

Throughout the world, people will look at this colorful event in which will connect hundreds of people. In St. Petersburg, the festival will be held for the third time. 

The first festival was held in September 2012 on the beach of the Peter and Paul fortress. Only around 2,000 people first attended this event, and then last year in the 300 years St Petersburg's anniversary park came around 5 thousand people. This year, it is anticipated that there will be more visitors and citizens of St. Petersburg to witness this event than the two previous events combined.

Participants can fly a kite for the first time, helped by experienced instructors and specialists.

In addition, the festival will have playgrounds for kids and much more. 

Free admission 

When: July 19

Hours: 12:00 to 18:00 

Venue: 300 years St Petersburg's anniversary park


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