Playground "Peter's Akvatoriya"
Sunday, 03 August 2014 19:55

Peter\'s Akvatoriya

Playground "Peter's Akvatoriya" 

On the top floor in this still empty shopping mall "Admiral", recently opened above the metro station "Admiralieskaya", has a playground layout called "Peter's Akvatoriya." In essence, the floor has a XVIII century St. Petersburg miniature city, which was developed by the Honored Artist of Russia and the architect Grigory Mikhailov. 

All buildings, monuments, scenes of everyday life and even clothes of the citizens were copied from engravings and descriptions of historians. Designers have implemented a project management with ships patented technology using magnetic fields, as well as interactive buttons, when clicked, the figures come to life. 

In the center of the exhibition is a river, an imitation of the Neva River. Around the Neva you can see Vasilevsky Island, Peter and Paul Fortress, the Admiralty, Peterhof, Kronstadt and Oranienbaum. St. Petersburg and its inhabitants have been reduced to 87 times. 

On the miniature setup, days last only 17 minutes, and the night only 3 minutes. St. Petersburg can be seen at all times of the year, and you can see each season on the Admiralty - winter in New Holland – spring in Peterhof - summer in Oranienbaum and autumn. 

The layout is unique in that it captures the authentic appearance of St. Petersburg three hundred years ago, from the time of Peter I to the era of Catherine II. Buildings, monuments and ships were designed from old prints and archival documents. Even the clothes of the characters and landscape shore and bottom of the Neva were not invented by artists and drawn from historical sources. 

The whole project will not be fully completed until September, and tours will be available by appointment. 

Ticket price: 200 rubles for an adult and 100 RUB for a child under 14 years of age.

Peter\'s Akvatoriya Peter\'s Akvatoriya Peter\'s Akvatoriya


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