SUPERMOON Over St. Petersburg
Saturday, 09 August 2014 22:37

Super moon

SUPERMOON Over St. Petersburg

Photo: Alexander Petrosyan

On the night of Sunday and early Monday, August 10-11, St. Petersburg will be able to watch a giant moon - the so-called Supermoon. This is due to the coincidence of the full moon and perigee (the date of the minimum distance between the Earth and the Moon). 

On this night, the moon will be as close as possible to the Earth and the distance between the heavenly bodies will be 356,898 kilometers. Something similar happened on the night of July 13, but before the full moon, the weather was not as clear and therefore the spectacle was not as great. Forecasters promise good weather, about 20 degrees and partly cloudy this Sunday night. 

The huge moon in the sky will be seen by many people and will be the focal point of tourists and residents of St. Petersburg to turn their cameras to the sky.

The phenomenon can be observed from 9 pm August 10 to 6 am August 11. 


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