Perseids meteor shower powerful in August illuminate the sky over St. Petersburg
Sunday, 10 August 2014 20:48

Perseids meteor

Perseids Meteor Shower 

In just a few days the residents of the northern capital will enjoy the amazing spectacle of the sky illumination to the brightest meteor shower of this year - the Perseids meteor shower. This meteor shower is annually observed by millions of people on the night of August 12th to the 13th. If you make a wish while watching this event, your wish will come true! 

It is believed that the best time to hunt for the Perseids is from 8:30 pm to 4:30 am. However, in pursuit of the magnificent spectacle, it is best not to sleep all night and keep a vigilant eye on the sky. The peak of the meteor shower tentatively comes in the morning. Perseids will leave a bright trail while falling across the night sky. 

It should be noted that on the night of August 12th to the 13th, our planet will come as close as possible to the tail of the Swift-Tuttle comet. This creates a meteor rain in the constellation Perseus. This is known to be the brightest meteor shower during the whole year.

The Pulkovo Observatory ensures that the shooting stars will be visible until August 20th. Whereas the largest number of meteorites that will appear in the sky is projected to occur on 12 August.


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