A new singing fountain on Engels Prospekt
Thursday, 04 September 2014 18:15

A new singing fountain on Engels Prospekt

A New Singing Fountain on Engels Prospekt

Already opening on this Sunday, one musical fountain in St. Petersburg will be more than just a new meeting place, it is a fountain and sculpture of four beautiful nymphs playing excellent classical music, and will appear at the "Grand Canyon" shopping center.   

A sculpture representing the four nymphs playing various musical instruments is called "Seasons".  The naturally beautiful creatures represent summer, autumn, winter and spring, and really, though invisibly, play familiar to many classic tunes. In the center, between the bronze sculptures, there is an elegant fountain that wonderfully complements the overall picture. 

Opening of the new meeting place of lovers and the rest of the townspeople on Prospect Engels, 154 will be held on September 7 at 16:00. At the opening of the fountain, classical compositions will be performed by the Governor's Symphony Orchestra, as well as the Children's Choir of Television and Radio in St. Petersburg.


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