Dada and Surrealism
Monday, 29 September 2014 18:45

Dada and Surrealism

Dada and Surrealism

In St. Petersburg comes a longer exhibition of the Israeli Museum in Jerusalem. The exhibit will have many items of Dada among other things - the early Dali, Man Ray photography and, most importantly, the famous Marcel Duchamp fountain. 

In the twenties, tired of the stagnation of realism and limitations of the avant-garde, German and French artists decided to get away from the classical forms of art and began to transform objects of culture literally and everything that comes their way: scraps of newspaper, crumpled paper, spoiled canvases, other people's works of art (the famous "Mona Lisa with a mustache"). The climax of it all was the famous "Urinal/fountain" by Marcel Duchamp. He, too, will come to the Hermitage with the other works of the Dadaists of the Jerusalem Museum. The exhibition will open on 19 November. 

In addition, together with Duchamp in St. Petersburg will be displayed works by Max Ernst, and Man Ray, and of course, the early works of Dali - all of them, inspired with Dada, created their own trend called surrealism.

Where: Hermitage, General Staff

When: November 19th. On Tuesday and Thursday through Sunday: 10:30- 18:00; Wednesday 10:30-21:00.

Entry: 350 rubles (kids, students, retirees go for free)


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