Football Masterpiece in St Petersburg Metro!
Saturday, 05 November 2011 20:02

Miguel Danny

Objective: Considering the importance of forthcoming matches, to "wake up" a city and to draw the attention of residents of St Petersburg towards the forthcoming games, by providing the maximum coverage to audience.

Idea: Using the "firm" celebration of a goal by the ZENIT player Miguel Danny, by breaking the boundaries of reality and to bring the emotions and passion of football in an unexpected place for all — into the ground.

As a result, create an image that mimics the breach in the wall of a pedestrian crossing, which reveals the stadium at the time of the celebration of the downtrodden Miguel Danny score. His "brand mileage" is well-known, and thus is the reason for such global destruction in the ST-PETERBURG METRO

To create the effect of the presence, the level of the playing field has been combined with the floor of the transition, therefore forming a uniform prospect. The wall tiles on the image is exactly same as the real one, so the spectator doesn't see border between the present wall and the beginning of the print.

The location: Unilateral or one sided pedestrian crossing between key subway stations in city center.

Project parameters: Length — 40 meters; Height — 2 meters

Patency of the transition - over 1 million people a day

Production: Special One / JARA Retouch


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