VI World Festival "St. Petersburg Samovar"
Monday, 14 November 2011 16:27

St-Petersburg Samovar

For the 6th time, the festival devoted to the tea traditions and customs of different countries and for celebration of the New Year will be held at the St. Petersburg Sports and Concert Complex by the union “Kipuchaya Zhizny” (boiling life) on December 15-18.  One of the main aims of the festival is to revive the tradition of tea drinking with pleasure, with gusto, and with family and friends, to present quality products to visitors for the New Year's table, to offer various options for the reparation and celebration of the New Year, and to provide the opportunity to easily choose gifts for yourself, you family and loved ones. 

This year, there will be a new program designed for all the family members: exhibition of old photographs, postcards, posters “Tea drinking in Russia and in my family”, an exhibition of antique samovars from private collections, tea flavor school, competition “Creative New Year greetings”, the School “How to give gifts”, theatrical performance “1000 and 1 method of celebrating the New year in a unique way”, and so many other exhibitions and events.

Guests of the Festival and Exhibition are residents of St. Petersburg and the region, tourists who want to buy gifts for the New Year, relax, learn how to celebrate holidays in various ways, creatively, and amicably, sophisticated gourmets and those who want to learn to distinguish flies from burgers and salad Olivier from salad in Russian. 

Time: The festival starts at 12-noon every day from Dec 15 through Dec 18. Venue: ice sports arena SKK

St-Petersburg Samovar   St-Petersburg Samovar   St-Petersburg Samovar

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