And What is YOUR New Year's Resolution for 2012?
Thursday, 24 November 2011 18:14

New Year 2012

Every country has its own unique Christmas and New Year's traditions. Some of them are quite strange, but rather amusing. For example, Vietnamese meet on New Year's in the dark. They prepare delicacies made of rice.

Thais are out of luck - they celebrate New Year's in such a heat that they have to pour water on each other when they meet. This is a wish for happiness.

The Italians on New Year's eve throw away old things and replace them with new ones. If they don't find any old things, then it is necessary to throw out something new; otherwise the happiness will not come to their house. At least it helps to clear out junk from each house. 

America each year has the highest record for greeting cards and Christmas gifts. Americans love to send cards to their loved ones or friends to show a small piece of love and respect to one another. New Year’s in America is always centrally celebrated in New York City’s Times Square. A large ball goes down from a spike on top of a building to represent the earth’s final minutes and seconds in the year.

In India, people celebrate New Year's in different ways. In northern India, it is customary to decorate yourself with orange flags. Inhabitants of the Western India light small lamps on the roofs of houses. Gifts are not put under the tree, but are laid out on a large tray. Then the children with their eyes closed by themselves choose one of them.

The Chinese generally light the streets by holding numerous processions with the lit lanterns. This is such magical and enchanting action that it is sure to take your breath away!

Cubans are also distinguished from the rest of the world: they beat the clock, not 12, but only 11 times, so that they have time with all to celebrate the New Year. Then everyone begins to pour water out of the window - so that life in the New Year will be crystal clear.

Mongolian Santa Claus comes to children in the costume of a cattleman. Their New Year's program consists of sports, games, and tests of courage and skill. If you decide to celebrate the New Year in Romania, be careful when eating Christmas cakes - they are traditionally baked with small surprises inside, such as coins, porcelain figures, rings, and hot pepper pods. A major symbol of Polish Christmas and New Year is the Christmas Star, which, according to the legend from Bible, illuminated the way for Christ.

Even the New Year's character in each country is different. In France - Pere Noel, in Spain and Latin America – Kings Wizards Melchior, Gaspar and Baltasar. In Germany - Santa Nikolaus, in England and America - Santa Claus, Hawaii - Kanakaloka, and in Russia - everyone's favorite Ded Moroz!

New Year's Eve 2011 in Sydney, Australia

New Year's Eve at Times Square, New York City, USA

New Year's Eve @ Eifel Tower, Paris

But New Year's is also a time to reflect on the changes we want  to make... 

Let's start this year with a resolution list... So What is YOUR New Year's Resolution for 2012?


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