BASE Jump off the Peter and Paul's Spire
Saturday, 26 November 2011 19:28

Base jumping st petersburg

For the 1st time in history, the parachute jumping off the Peter and Paul's spire turned out a reality and not a myth. As a proof, the base jumpers has uploaded the provocative video on youtube.

Earlier this month the administration of the state history museum of St-Petersburg in Peter and Paul Fortress questioned the origin of another video dated November 20 that features a base jump off the spire, naming mirely a video mount. The fortress is guarded by police officers and one needs to deal with a number of locked doors to get inside. Therefore, the base jump was thought impossible. But the newly recorded video came as a wake-up call and rasied a lot of questions for both the security system and the museum administration… 

Base jumping is an extreme kind of sport when a person jumps off fixed objects (buildings often referred to as simply “BASE”) with a parachute. The main danger of Base jumping is that the jump occurs very close to a jump platform and at low altitude which contains a major risk factor involving the failure of the parachute to open.

The height of the Peter and Paul fortress is 122,5 meters.

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