The World’s First Speaking GPS Dumpsters Appear in St-Petersburg
Thursday, 29 December 2011 18:45

Speaking Dumpster

The world’s first speaking Dumpsters equipped with GPS have recently appeared in Russia’s cultural capital. 

The "smart" Dumpsters "know" about 15 phrases, such as "Hello, unpacked garbage disposals can spread rats, vermin, and infection. Thank you!" or "Hi! For garbage disposal removal, please, call 388-31-31. Thank you!"

The Dumpsters' battery is enough for continuous use for up to 2 months before the battery must be recharged.

Apart from GPS chips that are supposed to help control the level of trash, the Dumpsters will also be equipped with fire extinguishers and a special fire-resistant system which will prevent accidental ignition and send a signal to the firemen if the fire occurs. 

The new Dumpsters are said to be only 15% more expensive than the regular ones. 62 Dumpsters have already been ordered for Admiralteysky district and 77 for Moskovsky district. But soon such Dumpsters should appear around the whole city. 


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