PITERLAND - The Biggest Indoor Water Park in Russia Soon to be Opened in St-Petersburg
Thursday, 19 January 2012 05:02

Piterland Water Park

The biggest indoor water park in Russia and one of the largest in all of Europe will open in St Petersburg at the end of January this year. The water park is located inside a new entertainment center called "PITERLAND".

Taking up over 180 000 thousand sq meters, "PITERLAND" is supposed to be not only one of the city’s most popular destinations, but also one of its main landmarks.

The owners of PITERLAND water park say that the aquapark has the potential to end up in Guinness World RecordsTM for the unique construction of its dome (height: 43 meters) The wooden framework of the dome will carry a special film which is supposed to not only admit daylight into the indoor environment, but it should also allow untraviolet inside the auqa park, making it possible for the visitors to sunbathe all year round. The absence of the sun in the typically rainy St-Petersburg is probably the only drawback in the whole plan. =) This membrane is so strong that if stretched taught in the air, it can hold a driving car. This kind of material was also used in the construction of the football stadium in Munich.

The city authorities also plan to build a new infrastructure to facilitate transportation to and from PITERLAND.

Address: Primorsky pr 72, near the 300 years St Petersburg's Anniversary Park, St-Petersburg

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Piterland Water Park Piterland Water Park Piterland Water Park Piterland Water Park


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