St. Petersburg Metropolitan Repair Schedule
Monday, 30 January 2012 18:29

Metro Repair Schedule

The Metro Station of Nevsky Prospekt-2 will be closed for repairs starting on February 1. The approximate length of repairs will take 11 months. During the repairs, the station will run as usual, but there will be only one exit open.

Also, the stations of Puskinskaya, Petrogradskaya, and Sennaya Ploshad are under renovations. The renovations of Pushkinskaya station are scheduled to begin in spring of 2012. The Petrogradskaya renovations will be begin on June 1st. Also, the Sennaya Ploshad station has already begun renovations. The renovations will include the repairing of the tunnel to Spasskaya Station. The entrance to the surface of Spasskaya will open in 2014. The station of Spasskaya was designed in 2009 without an exit. 

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