The Parade in Support of Cycling
Thursday, 17 May 2012 20:42

Parade in support of cycling

The Cycling Parade of St. Petersburg will take place on May 20th! The bike rally will be for two hours long, and is organized by the “Lets Bike it” group. The bike rally will begin at Shpalernaya Street and finish at the Field of Mars in the center of the city. Cyclists will arrange length markers in the city center on May 20th to show how far they have ridden around the city. Participants must follow two main rules, do not rush, and ride in the right lane on the road. The parade is bound to attract attention of authorities and residents of the city, to show that the city is lacking the correct infrastructure to accommodate the growing number of cyclists in the city.

Biking Route

14:00: Shpalernaya street, square with benches start

Then on to Suvorov Prospect, then Nevsky Prospect, then Canal Griboedova near the Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, and finally ends at the Field of Mars at 16:00.

So come out and see a great cause for a great change in St. Petersburg!

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