Grand Pillow Fight
Tuesday, 22 May 2012 18:55

Pillow Fight

There will be a huge PILLOW FIGHT in St. Petersburg on June 10th at 12:30! Come and join in the fun, as it is always proved to be a success with a lot of people, and a lot of fun! There are some rules though to this event, but it makes it even better! 

The fight is going to happend beween those whose birthday falls on an odd day (the Team in Black) and those whose birthday falls on an even day (the Team in White). The Black team gathers at 12:30 at Kazansky Cathedral, whereas the White Time are expected to meet on Malaya Sadovaya Street.  During the pillow fight, everyone must remove all piercings, glasses, contact lenses, earrings, and everything else that could be of harm to others or yourself. Remember, the main goal of this event is to have fun, not hurt other people!!! The pillow should be soft (!!!), so it does not hurt anyone else.

If your pillow consists of feathers inside, please use a pillowcase, so we do not have litter if the pillow explodes during the fun! Try not to hit girls on the head, body shots are fine, but don’t attach the pillow to anything else except your hands. Do not attack photographers, as we want as many great shots of this event to be online for everyone to enjoy. Bring your passport with you, as some police will be stunned at this great event, as they do not know how to have fun like we do!!! 

After the fight, please clean up after yourselves. If we make such a big mess, then we will not be having this event anymore. We must respect the cleanliness of our great city. So come out and have a great time with pillows!


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