City Day in St-Petersburg 2012 | UPDATED SCHEDULE
Thursday, 24 May 2012 19:20

City Day in St-Petersburg 2012

The City Day festivities will start on Saturday during the afternoon, around 14:00 in the city center. At 14:00, festive bikers will present an opening ceremony named “Window to Europe.” Then at 14:15, at Malaya Sadovaya Street, until 22:00 all are welcomed to a great event. A fashion show and parade will take place, as well as a comic fashion show called, “Fashion Verdict.” Then in front of Gostiny Dvor from 14:30-22:00, a dance and vocal program will take place all day long. The program includes performers from different countries, cultures, and themes. This interactive program is great for all audiences, and you are even invited to take part in some parts of this program!

Also on Dumskaya Street, from 14:15 to 22:00, will be a dance and acrobatic show. Performers will show off their skills on a trampoline, and also trapeze artists will be performing entertaining and interactive programs for the audience. The theme of this presentation is done to the theme music of Peter the Great. It is also a humorous presentation that includes dunce’s troops, and other silly activities. 

At Canal Griboedova near Kazanskiy Cathedral, a city will be built! A children’s construction site will be active from 14:15 to 21:00. The program includes interactive programs for children, performances of children’s theatre, dance, and vocal groups. Also, children will be able to construct a city and color the buildings they construct! A great day for children also!

“Peter crackers”, is also for children. At Malaya Konushennaya Street, from 14:15 to 22:00, children will be able to take part in an educational maze, which will be called, “crackers.” Also, the Museum of Curiosities, “Kung Shty”, at Nevsky Prospect, 22-24, will be showing magicians, circus performers, and artists of different theater groups. From 14:15 to 22:00, it will be a great program for people of all ages to enjoy. 

A military history exhibit will also take place near Palace Square from 14:30 to 22:00. The program includes the reenactments of historical battle scenes from various periods in history. Some of these reenactments will include: the Battle of the Neva, Battle of Poltava, and the War of 1812. 

Then at Vasilevskiy Island, a concert called, “Window to Europe”, will start at 14:30 and last until 23:00. But the real stars start performing at 20:00. The concert will included performances from groups such as; “Earring, Surganova and Orchestra, Naik Borzov, and Chicherina. The great concert will start from 20:00 to 22:45. 

Finally, a fireworks show at 22:45 to 23:00 at Vasilevskiy Island. A fireworks display that will top a great day for everyone to enjoy! We still have a few tickets left if you decide you want to come onboard =)


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