Scarlet Sails 2012 | Schedule and Information
Friday, 22 June 2012 17:58

Scarlet Sails 2012

On Saturday June 23rd 2012, the annual Scarlet Sails (Russian: "Алые Паруса") event will take place. This event is a huge celebration for all the students who graduate high school around St. Petersburg. The event will start at 21:00 and the event is supposed to have 60,000 people attend. The organizers of the event want to have all 60,000 people take place in a dance, making it the largest flash-mob dance in the world, and hopefully will be put in the Guinness Book of World Records. Then at 23:00, a ball will take place at Palace Square, as well as a concert on Vasilevsky Island. This event is will be huge, and everyone is encouraged to attend! 

At 01:20 in the Neva River, a multimedia show will take place. This also includes a fireworks show that promises to be amazing. Also, a ship will sail on the Neva River also with scarlet red sails. This beautiful ship only sails during this celebration. Two entertainers that will host the event will be Julia Kovalchuk and Ivan Urgant, in which were chosen by the students in a vote. Other stars that are going to appear to congratulate the graduates are: Nikolai Valuev, Andrei Arshavin, and Alexander Kerzhakov. 

This huge party will take place all night until the early morning on Sunday June 24th. The metro will open at 04:00, one and a half hours earlier than usual. Everyone who is planning to attend is asked to be cautious and have a good time. This will be a party that these students will never forget, and one that you should attend and never forget! This is a once in a lifetime event for these students, so the party will be one of a kind! Come out and have a great time!

Scarlet Sails 2012   Scarlet Sails 2012   Scarlet Sails 2012


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