Music Boat Cruise | Every Friday and Saturday
Tuesday, 07 August 2012 13:51

St-Petersburg Boat Trip

St. Petersburg is one of those cities where the evenings are not in a hurry to return home or to the hotel and go to bed, because the city is so beautiful at night! Petersburg in the summer is white nights and drawbridges that highlight the city. These two unique phenomena can be seen both in St. Petersburg on board the Music Boat.

Every Friday and Saturday, we invite you to a music tour along the Neva River while viewing the main bridges drawn up in St. Petersburg. Enjoy a glass of wine and the noise of the waves on the upper deck of the boat and you will experience a romantic mood for a quite contemplative love of rest. Live performance, rhythm, and favorite hits of course, will create a great mood for fun and dancing on the lower deck. During the night tours, the boat will run along the front of the historical center of St. Petersburg, where you can see the royal fortress monument, majestic cruiser Aurora, Trinity Cathedral, Vasilevsky Island, palaces, and of course the most romantic symbol during the night, the drawbridges on the Neva River. See the other famouse must see sights during this great romantic boat tour. 

The luxury class, double-decker ship called the Moscow is a perfect fit for the ride. The stern of the ship features open viewing platforms for walks in the fresh air. Both decks are equipped with desks, chairs, and sofas. The lower deck features a concert and a small dance floor. All the tables are arranged along the sides of the ship, so you can have a great view from any table on the ship. Along with a bar, waitresses provide the best service that can be found in St. Petersburg, to further your great time on the ship. Also on the boat, there is a buffet, a large assortment of snacks, soft and alcoholic drinks. 

Tickets cost 650- 1100 rubles. 

Location of departure and arrival:  Dvortsovaya emb., 39. Moorage "ВОДОХОДЪ" (In front of the Hermitage)

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Cruise Calendar:

August 29 (Wednesday) 20.00 — 22.00  An evening walk along the Neva River with access to the Gulf of Finland. Concert «Contrast Blues Band» ALL TICKETS 500 RUB instead of 1100

August 31 (Friday) 23.45 — 02.30 Night Walk "drawbridges" Concert "A. Guzikov with his band" ALL TICKETS 700 RUB instead of 1100

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