English and Russian Lessons
Tuesday, 04 September 2012 21:01

Learning Russian in St-Petersburg

Our latest offer provided to visitors of St. Petersburg and those who are already living in St. Petersburg, is a language service! If you are interested or need to learn Russian, we provide a great new service for those who are seeking assistance. We understand that Russian is a hard language, and when coming to St. Petersburg, not so many people in Russia can get by in English. So it might be intimidating for whoever comes to our beautiful St. Petersburg if he/she does not speak Russian. This problem can be one of the past as we have great, friendly specialists who are ready to teach whoever needs to be taught, Russian!

Also, for the citizens in St. Petersburg who would like to improve their English, we are offering the same program but for English. Now you can learn English quickly and easily with native speakers from America. Learn how to speak fluently and like an American in no time. English is commonly referred to as the international language, therefore it is never too late to learn English.

Please, choose the option below that suites you best. You can either become one of our Russian/English teachers or Russian/English students.

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I want to study English 

I want to teach Russian

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