The fountain will be set back on the Neva River
Tuesday, 11 September 2012 20:21

Neva Fountain

Next spring in St. Petersburg there will be a nice surprise. The city authorities decided to return a dancing floating fountain to the Neva River. The fountain spent four years in the warehouse in an unfolded state and will be located close to the Vasilievsky Island.

The fountain originally appeared in 2006 for the G8 summit. Every autumn, it was dismantled and shipped to warehouses for storage and appeared every spring after that. The authorities decided to remove the fountain in 2009 because the city did not have the money to operate it. Another reason was voiced protests from certain citizens. They argued that the fountain did not belong in the prestigious center of St. Petersburg. In 2011, fountain was planned to be moved from the center and put in a different location but the authorities did not have the money for this. Therefore it was decided to restore the fountain at its original location. Next summer, the fountain will include a daily light show also. 


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