Outdoor circus show @ Peter and Paul Fortress
Wednesday, 19 September 2012 11:48

Outdoor circus show

On September 22nd, the Race Horse Company from Finland will be having a show at the Peter and Paul Fortress. The show is called the Rusty Road Circus. The entrance is free and it will start at 12:00 in the area in front of the Tsar bastion. The festival is called the “Contemporary Art in Traditional Museum.” First in the courtyard enters an old van and the dynamic road circus show begins. Acrobats jump out of the van and begin a wild show around the whole area. 

The Finnish circus was brought to light in 2008, as two companies were formed to seek to create a new kind of modern circus- bold and uncompromising. Their performances are based on the aesthetics of chaos and full of humor and surprises.

So if you like the circus and a great time, come out and see the show this weekend! 

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