Sobaka Ulybaka
Sunday, 23 September 2012 18:14

Sobaka Ulybaka

On October 7th, there will be a great celebration for dogs all around St. Petersburg called “sobaka ulybaka” (English: "Smiley dog".) The event features the four-legged friends of ours dressed up in unusual costumes and other great events in this carnival. Accompanied by music and dance show support groups, pet owners dress up their dogs in banana suits, bees, dragons, Red Riding Hood, James Bond, Shrek, cake and others. Anyone can take part in the contest for the funniest costume for dogs. Authors of the best costumes will be awarded a nice prize. The costume and theme of this event is for the dogs and those who love dogs. There are no losers, only winners.

To keep the mood and atmosphere great, trainers will provide a clear instruction on how to behave when meeting a dog in the street. There will be interactive games for children with dogs. Young visitors will not only get to know the dogs, but there will also be a trampoline and a rollercoaster. Also a face painter will be present to draw anything the kids what on their faces. Also, a café will be present in which you and your dog can enjoy a nice meal.

Similar festivals are held regularly in England, China, Japan and Brazil. Organizers offer another way to look at dogs, showing that they are cute little pets or can be used for protection when needed. Admission is free! 

Time: from 14.00 to 16.00

Place: Lyubashinsky Park (Любашинский парк), the corner of Metallistov prospekt (пр. Металлистов) and Zamshina street (ул. Замшина).

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