Night of the British Cinema
Friday, 02 November 2012 08:46

A night of british cinema | Mirazh cinema

On November 3rd at the Mirage Cinema on Bolshoy pr, Inoekino project is featuring a "Night of the British Cinema". A movie screening of the film "Broken", starring Cillian Murphy and inimitable Tim Roth, and music by Damon Albarn of Blur. "Broken," is a British drama about people who want to be "good", but are forced to be bad.

The film "Once" by John Carney, affects the theme of love and creativity against the big city. We should also mention the acting debut Glen Hansard, the frontman of the group called,” The Frames" and Marketa Irglova, a famous Czech singer.

"Tyrannosaur" completes the lineup directed by Paddy Considine. With the main role in the film came through one of the great British actors Peter Mullan. And the film itself is admittedly critics, is one of the most powerful shots in the UK in recent years.


23.30 – Gathering of all guests, refreshments (tea, biscuits) British rock music

00.00 - Ravaged (Broken). 2012. Previews! Original with subtitles.

01.30 - Intermission: refreshments (tea and cookies) British rock music

02.00 - ONCE (Once). 2006. In the original with subtitles.

0330 - Intermission: refreshments (tea and cookies) British rock music.

04.00 - Tyrannosaurus 2011.

05.30 - Finish- Tickets can be bought at the box office cinema "Mirage Cinema" (Grand Avenue PS, etc. 35A, Petrogradskaya from October 26.

All Night Ticket costs 600 rubles.

Cinema: Mirazh/Mirage Cinema (Russian: Мираж Синема на Большом) on Bolshoy pr. 35А (Petrogradskaya side)

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