Underground Complex Under Ploshad Vosstaniya
Wednesday, 07 November 2012 07:38

Project of Architectural Alliance

Business brothers Zingarevich of Plaza Lotus Group are discussing an underground complex near Ploshad Vosstaniya in real terms, in order to initiate the project of the underground complex under Ploshad Vosstaniya. The center would include retail space for shops and parking for cars. Discussion of the project stopped at the end of the 2000s due to the financial crisis, but now, on assurances Mikhail Zingarevich, the documents again are agreed in relevant local committees and have received the personal approval of the Governor. This could be complex is valued at an estimated $ 1 billion.

This plan came about around seven years ago. The Moscow-based company "Open Investments - St. Petersburg" planned to take the subsurface depth of 10 meters not only under Ploshad Vostaniya, but also under Nevsky Prospekt metro station. It was planned that the total area of the complex would reach 100,000 square meters. The draft was prepared by the workshop of "Architectural Alliance", closed after examination of soils. It showed that such a building at that point could not be implemented.

After that the Ruric AB Company together with the brothers Zingarevich took an area of land under Ploshad Vosstaniya, the architectural studio, “Speech Choban & Kuznetsov”, developed the project. But this project froze during the financial crisis. 

Now the underground space under the square is going to be developed by the Plaza Lotus Group. They are building a hotel on the Champs de Mars and a hotel complex at the Konyushennaya Ploshad. 

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