Free skating rinks and ski slopes
Thursday, 27 December 2012 20:52

Skating rinks and ski slopes

Free skating rinks and ski slopes in the center of St. Petersburg

By the New Year, for fans of the winter holiday, there will open 5 places where you can skate and ski in the center of the city free of any charge! Skating rinks will be at: Kirochnaya street, 50 (Tauride Garden) Kavalergardskaya street, 9/11, Kavalergardskaya street, 21, Ispolkomskaya street, 5 and Ostrovsky Square. 

The Tauride Garden rink will open two rinks: one of them is available to the public, and the second – only for children. The rink available for everyone provides a nice place to put your belongings while skating as well as a skate rental. The children’s rink features nice lighting that reflects the winter spirit.

As for the ski slopes of St. Petersburg, they will be at: Kirochnaya street, 54 (in school № 163), the Field of Mars (Marsovo Polye) and the Tauride Garden (tavrichesky sad).


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