Famous Pepsi Sign to be Taken Down
Friday, 01 March 2013 17:11

Pepsi sign on Nevsky

Soon, all advertising structures, monitors, and logos will be removed from the roofs on Nevsky Prospect. They are contrary to the requirements of current legislation on advertising and information, with the majority of the leases with the companies expiring soon, said "BaltInfo."

Already, several companies are removing their advertisements such as:  "Bank Saint Petersburg" (the logo on the Nevsky, 118), and the company Pepsi (Nevsky 30). Other companies are also taking down their signs such as: "Sberbank of Russia" at the corner of Dumskaya Street, "Atrium" at 25 Nevsky, "Restaurant Nevsky" on Marata Street, 1. The St. Petersburg government has said that the companies will receive a 30, 000 ruble fine, if they do not remove ads. If the companies do not comply, the amount will increase to 100 000. This new law also applies to the billboards of Talion Imperial Hotel, «Nevsky Atrium" and Radisson. In the Court of Arbitration, there are already cases of removing the letters "Imperial" on Nevsky, 73, an advertising clock with an anchor Ulysses Nardin at the corner of Mayakovsky, as well as several car brands.

For some companies, the city will make an exception. Of these cases, the Committee of the Press wrote a special letter to the governor. Most likely the 52nd house on Nevsky Prospect, will be the word "Gazprom" (a strategic partner of the city).

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