Smoothie Bars
Friday, 26 April 2013 17:12

Smoothie Bar

St. Petersburg will soon have several smoothie bars around the city. The Australian network of smoothie bars called, “Boost”, will come to Russia and the first facility will open in Galleria shopping center as early as May. All items on the menu are good for your health and for diets. The menu will feature items such as smoothies with real fruits and berries, real juices, and the best part is that they are prepared without any additives, artificial ingredients, sugar, and no fat content of more than 2%. 

The first smoothie bar by "Boost" was started in 2000. An Australian woman named "Janine Ellis", decided to create an alternative to fast food for her children at home, along with a great business plan that is well developed, the business boomed with the help of her friends collecting $250,000 in capital. Now, the company boasts 300 establishments in 17 countries. In Russia, "Boost", is being developed with the help of a German man named "Jan Lankenau", who received a master’s degree in St. Petersburg.

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