Imperial Bouquet 2013
Tuesday, 09 July 2013 10:49

Imperial Bouquet 2013

The annual "Imperial Bouquet" is perhaps one of the most recognizable and significant events of summer in Pavlovsk. Alley Park will be decorated with neat objects, and on the lawns will be real pictures of flowers. There will be the best florists and designers, surprising the guests of the festival with unusual floral formations and landscape designs. The unique landscape of the park, the architectural masterpieces of Charles Cameron, Vincenzo Brenna and Pietro Gonzaga, and the intricate curves of the Slavyanka River, create the perfect conditions for the floral and landscape designs. As part of the colorful activities, you can take part in workshops on drawing up of bouquets, table setting, floral combinations, and photography. Also, everyone will be able to enjoy the performances of the artists at the gala, which has become a tradition for this kind of event.

Imperial Bouquet 2013 Imperial Bouquet 2013 Imperial Bouquet 2013

Date: July 13-14

Price: 250 rubles

Location: The State Museum "Pavlovsk", Pavlovsk, Sadovaya Street, 20

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