Tavricheskiy Garden Cabaret
Tuesday, 30 July 2013 13:28

Tavrichesky Garden Cabaret

Soon in the Tavricheskiy Garden, you might be able to come and experience a real cabaret show! In the building of the former Leningrad cinema will open a real cabaret show with great programs, a panoramic restaurant, bar, and gallery.

The cabaret in the Tavricheskiy Garden has the potential to be in the same level as other European cabarets. In order to make this cabaret a reality, the project will cost around 400 million rubles, according to experts. The cabaret invites you to come and see this great complex and a great show, as it will open its doors in the beginning of this winter.

The project is to be made possible by a businessman Yuriy Kovalchuk. 

The desire to open a bar in the complex was expressed by a famous fashion designer Valentin Yudashkin. As for the restaurant with panoramic views of the Tavricheskiy Garden, this was the idea of the holding (Restaurant Syndicate).


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