The Soviet era: between utopia and reality
Friday, 22 November 2013 11:06

Soviet era

Exhibition: The Soviet era: between utopia and reality 

The history of the Soviet era will come to life in the museum of the political history of Russia. Recreated interiors of the "communal" households as well as, typical house belongings of ordinary Soviet citizens will be on display. Also, visitors can see Stalin's personal belongings and lots of pictures included in the exposition of "the Soviet era: between utopia and reality."

This unique exhibition consists of more than 1,000 exhibits, telling the audience about the major milestones of the formation of the Soviet state apparatus, the most important elements of the political system of the USSR and the public and private life of the population.

Visitors will see things of Stalinist supporters such as: Ordzhonikidze, M. Kalinin, Voroshilov, Malenkov and Khrushchev. It will be literally possible move around the open spaces of recreated Soviet communal apartments. In addition, the exhibition includes a variety of posters, leaflets and photos.

Also important are the sections on prisoners of Stalin's camps and the dissident movement. Visitors will also be able to see objects of camp life and works of art of the underground gulag prisoners, political prisoners jackets of the 1970s, unique documents of searches and arrests of the dissidents, their incarceration in mental hospitals and medical treatments that were to "treat" prisoners.

Cost: 40-150 rubles

Location: Museum of the Political History of Russia, Kuybyshev Street, 2-4.

Soviet era Soviet era Soviet era Soviet era

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