Do you believe in Christmas miracles?
Thursday, 19 December 2013 19:06

Miracles happen

Miracles Happen for those Who Believe!

This did not happen in St. Petersburg, but in Canada - one of the airports in Toronto. Nevertheless, we want to share this video with you and to wish you and to your life as many mircales as possible from Wonderland!

And it was so:

Canadian airline WestJet gave a wonderful Christmas gift to its passengers. In the waiting room of Pearson Airport in Toronto a mysterious box appeared featuring an animated Santa Claus offering to scan passengers’ boarding passes.  Soon the screen changed and a live Santa began asking customers what they wanted for Christmas.

In the video, people of different ages talk about what gifts they would like to receive. Then we see how the 150 volunteers rush to the nearest mall to fill carts with gifts. While passengers enjoy the flight, the wizards of WestJet deliver purchases to the airport, pack them and write the names of the people who requested the gifts on the respective boxes.

Once passengers landed at Calgary, we see how they go to the baggage claim area, decorated with Christmas figurines and artificial snow. Then on the baggage claim belt instead of suitcases appear inscribed boxes with gifts. Santa Claus suddenly appeared among the affected passengers and wished everyone a Merry Christmas.

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