Club Radiobaby
Monday, 03 February 2014 20:18


Club RADIOBABY on Kazanskaya str., 7

Tags: St Petersburg night clubsBars on Dumskaya 

Club Radiobaby on Kazanskaya, 7 is a great club that also serves as an Internet radio station and dance bar. 

In detail, the room resembles the bar on Konnushennaya Street. They have great lighting, Viennese wooden chairs, brick wall and coarse stone for dancing. Three roomy halls are located at different levels and flow into one another. There is a long bar and plenty of bartenders behind it. This bar and club is the perfect place to party until the sun comes up. There is also so much to do here. While taking some time off from dancing on three different dance floors, you can grab a great drink at the bar or play some foosball, this place never gets boring.

The bar attracts people from all over the world and even though has simple decor, is perhaps one of the most popular clubs in St. Petersburg in terms of the party atmosphere. Although the club closes at 7 am, the party sometimes goes over the closing time. To find the club, you need to go through two yards but it is definitely worth the trip and you will want to go back for sure!


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