Packing for Your Trip to St Petersburg!
Monday, 29 August 2011 16:45

Travel Tips St Petersburg Russia

Here is the list of the things that we suggest you take with you on your trip:

- For UK and US citizens – power adapter. Some suggest taking it along with the power converter but we see no need  in buying a converter as all modern cameras, cell phones, iPods and laptops already have a built-in converter.

- Even though it can be really hot and sunny in St Petersburg in the summer, the city is more known for its rainy weather. So if you have some room in your travel bag – take an umbrella with you. Or leave it out if you want to play the optimist =)

- Small gifts for friends or people you may get to know while on your visit will be also a good idea.

- Typical tourist considerations for clothes/shoes depending on season.

- Dictionary. Our best advice is study some Russian before coming to Russia in general and St Petersburg in particular. At a minimum be able to read some basic travel guides and signs and know the alphabet to recognize cognates. Because unfortunately, unlike western Europe, few people, except educated young people, speak English in Russia. Put a translator on your phone if you have a smart phone. This will spare you the burden of having to take a dictionary with you everywhere you go; even if it’s a pocket one, it may still be inconvenient to carry.

- Please, remember to let the bank know the dates you might be using your debit/credit card abroad, otherwise the bank may block or flag your card when you use it. Don’t take the cards you are not going to use on this trip. You may want to take 2 wallets (1 for all cards to leave in  a safe and 1 for pretty cash to take on the street)

- A medium sum of money in cash (even some Russian rubles) in case there are any issues with your card. Or if you are going to order a Transfer from the Airport, make sure you have some Russian rubles to pay to the driver as they usually accept neither Dollars nor Euros. Cash can be exchanged readily enough in St Petersburg. Traveler's checks are a bad idea as they are inconvenient to use.

- Make sure to make a photocopy of your passport and all the important documents such as your credit cards or your driver’s license. We have no doubt that your trip will go swimmingly well. But unfortunately, we all may end up in any number of adverse situations that are beyond our control. So having a set of copies of the important documents will help you replace the originals faster if you happen to lose your passport or your wallet gets stolen which, again, we hope will never happen to you.

- And lastly, take a guidebook for the city/area that you are going to visit or a small pocket map if you don’t want to buy one here. But remember that Saint-Petersburg Guide is always here to guide you in case you need any additional information, help or consultation!

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