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Russian Matreshka

The traditional Russian nesting doll called the MATRYOSHKA (Russian: матрешка) is another export and sign of Russian culture. Vasily Zvyozdochkin, making the doll a symbol of Russian culture, carved the first Matryoshka in 1890. The word Matryoshka comes from the Russian name Matryona, meaning little matron. The Matryoshka is carved from wood, and a set of Matryoshkas consists of a wooden figure that separates, top from bottom, in which holds a smaller figure similar inside. A set of Russian Matryoshkas can come in three, five, seven, nine, or however many one wants to make. Traditionally, the Matryoshka comes in a set of five.

Russian Matreshka The Matryoshka is usually and traditionally designed with the face of a woman. Matryoshkas are nowadays crafted and designed in the shape or design of cats, penguins, and other animals. Along with this, sport, political, famous stars, and city scene designs are common and popular, especially amongst tourists. The Matryoshka can always show a story, as the picture on every Matryoshka changes when one opens them up and then resembles all the figures into a group. 

Russian Matreshka The productions of Matryoshkas are usually made from one block of wood. This is essential to their quality, as the same wood and level of wood is used throughout the whole process. Unfortunately, after fall of the Soviet Union, the Matryoshka production has declined considerably. Those craftsmen who still make Matryoshkas by hand are shrinking in number. And with this brings the decline of the traditional, hand made Matryoshka. Factories that make them are beginning to shut down quickly, and this situation leaves the future of the Matryoshka in question.

Though, the Matryoshka is a beautiful and lovable piece of art, it still is part of Russian culture and art. The Matryoshka is another thing that can be called uniquely Russian.

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