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Russian F-Word

DISCLAIMER: If you proceed to this section, please exercise caution, as Russian curse words are given WITH English equivalents!!!

The word “хуй” (pronounced "huj") is one of the most popular and most used words in Russian cursing. The word can have several different meanings, but the direct translation is "dick". "Хуй" is definitely one of the most productive formative roots of the whole Russian cursing family. =) There are dozens of different ways that it can be used. Different expressions, responses, and just cursing in different songs are very common in everyday Russian speech. Typically, Russian cursing is used by teens, but can be heard by Russian men also.

The "fuck" derivatives can denote:

Noun: «Ни хуя́ (себе)!» (pronounced: "nee huya siebe"  with a descending tone at the beginning of the last syllable).  Can be used as a great sign of surprise and delight to a situation with a friend or in general. It means literally, “no dick you” in the meaning of "fucking A!" or "No shit!". Or another example: «Вместо зарплаты дали хуй» literally: instead of my pay they gave me dick = They didn't pay me a shit;

Adjective: «хуёвый день».  If one has had a bad day, one can use the expression “хуёвый день” (pronounced: hujovy den') to mean a lousy, crappy day;

Verb: «Он нахуя́чился» (pronounced: on nahuyachilsya) = he is shitfaced;

Adverb: «Она дохуя́ говорит по телефону» = she speaks a fucking lot on the phone;

Simple Adverb:    If trying to express that you don’t care about a certain thing or situation, you can say «мне по́хуй» (prounounced: mne pohuj - the "po" syllable is stressed) in the meaning of "I don't give  a fuck";   

Adverb emphasizing an adjective: «Она охуи́тельно красивая» - she is fucking beautiful.

Russian F-Word It goes without saying that all these expressions and phrases are very offensive in public, especially with the older generation and those who have young children around, so be careful when using these words and phrases. 

The word хуй is very common in the lyrics of the great St. Petersburg band, Leningrad. In many of their songs, RUSSIAN CURSE WORDS are prominent, but the group is loved by the city. Leningrad is a great way to learn new Russian curse words, and is a fun group to listen to when drinking. =)

The word хуй can also be used to express:

Doubt:  Да ну на́ хуй! (pronounced: da nu na huj) = No shit! (*one doesn't believe smth*) Хуй знает… (pronounced: huj znayet) = fuck knows (*one doesn't know*); 

Indignation:   Ни хуя́ себе! (pronounced: "nee huya siebe") = No shit = what the fuck! 

Denial:   Ху́й тебе! = fuck you (*fuck you, you ain't getting it*)  Ху́й соси! (pronounced: huj sasee) = suck my dick; 

Agreement:  Ху́й с вами (с ним, с ней, с тобой) = to hell with you (with him/with her/with you) (*As in "To hell with you - let's do this"*); 

Excess of anything:  До хуя́ = a fucking lot of smth. (about quantity);

Threats:  иди на́ хуй! (idi na huj) = fuck you, go to hell. Literally "go to the dick" in the meaning of "go fuck yourself" or "fuck off";

Extreme surprise:  Ты что, охуел?! (ty chto ohuel?) Да ты охуел! (pronounced: da ty ohuel)  = who the fuck do you think you are! 

Positive evaluation:   Охуе́нно! (pronounced: ohuenno) = fucking great, fucking A! Fuck, yeah!

Negative evaluation:  Хуёво (pronounced: huevo) = shitty.  Мне так хуёво (pronouncedL mne tak huyovo) = I feel so shitty, I feel like shit.

Indifference:  Мне по́хуй! (pronounced: mne pohuj - the "po" syllable is stressed) = I don't give a fuck. And you can call someone who doesn't give a fuck for anything a "похуист" (literally: fuck-ist as in "scientist")

Laziness:  Хуи́ пинать (huj pinat') = to kick balls (*one doesn't do anything*)

Unawareness:   Ху́й  знает! = fuck only knows. 

Question:   На хуя́? = what fucking for? Нахуя мне это надо? = what the fuck do I need this for?

Though the Russian language is very rich in it’s cursing, again, one must be very careful when using these words in public or with people who you do not know well. They are great to use when trying to impress your Russian friends over a pint of beer or vodka, but try not to use them in front of women, young children, or the elderly.

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