Cost of Living in St. Petersburg
Friday, 11 January 2013 17:53

Cost of living in St-Petersburg

St. Petersburg is a constantly developing city in terms of the city itself and economical and social growth. Also, there many people who come to St. Petersburg to study and for internships. In this travel tip, we would like to give you a general idea about the cost of living as an intern in the city of St. Petersburg. We will cover the cost of renting a room or apartment, food, and travel around the city.

The two most important things to know when coming to St. Petersburg is how much it will cost you for renting a place to live. Like in any big city, rooms or apartments to rent in the center are always much more expensive compared to the outskirts of the city. The average cost for a room in an apartment in the center of St. Petersburg is about 13-15,000 rubles ($400-500) a month. An apartment, one bedroom will go for about 30-40,000 rubles ($1,000-1,400) a month in the city center. It is a better option to find a room or apartment outside the center, as the prices and conditions are better. One can find a room outside of the city center from anywhere between 8-10 thousand rubles a month ($240-300). A one-room apartment usually goes for 25-30,000 rubles ($800-1,000) a month, but the conditions are usually much better.

For food, the prices in St. Petersburg are quite good. A person who usually goes grocery shopping four times a month will spend around 3,500-4,000 rubles ($130) and this will be enough. Travelling around the city it’s also modestly priced. One trip in the subway costs 28 rubles (92 cents) and the other public transport modes cost 25 rubles (80 cents). The best option is to buy a card for all public transportation use for a month. It will save you time and some money,the cost is 2040 rubles ($68).  You can use the card for all means of transportation on unlimited times and you get 70 rides on the metro. Depending on the number of metro rides and your needs, there are different kinds of such cards.

Compared to most other European cities, St. Petersburg is les expensive in terms of food and transport. The biggest problem that upsets most people in the city, is the price of renting a room or flat, which could be very expensive if not careful. Most people in the city usually find a flat or room to rent through a reality agency. Although it is much faster and more convenient to use a realtor, the realtor usually charges from 50-100% commission for finding a place to live, which is also quite expensive.

  • $ 1 = 30 rubles
  • € 1 = 40 rubles

DISCLAIMER: If you are an intern and need a place to live in St-Petersburg, you can as well ask St-Petersburg Guide for help. We will approach realtors for you and help you choose the best place according to your needs and your budget.

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