Dumskaya: Bar Street of St. Petersburg
Wednesday, 03 April 2013 21:27

Bars on Dumskaya

Dumskaya is constantly under threat of being closed down by the authorities, but due to its immense popularity with teenagers and adults, these threats of being closed down are constantly being put off. The street offers a real chance to check out 4-8 bars and clubs in one night! Though it gets a bad reputation for being loud and overcrowded, Dumskaya is probably the most popular and fun street in St. Petersburg as far as partying is concerned. 

Bars on Dumskaya «FIDEL»

Fidel - a favorite of creative young people. This bar is famous for its perfectly "trashy" toilet and popular "cranberry drink." Fidel also has a great deal, with the last five minutes of each hour, shots of this cool drink costs 30 rubles. The bar has a small dance floor, a great atmosphere and the possibility to find that special someone. For this, it is best to come around 2-3 am. 

Awesome: Cranberry vodka shots for 30 rubles at the end of every hour!


Bars on Dumskaya «BARBARA»

"Barbara" - the sister of "Fidel": Barbara has many similar features to that of Fidel, so it is no wonder why this bar is also very popular. The bar is on the second floor, next door to "Fidel." The toilet is better and there is much more room for dancing. The party starts at Barbara at around 1 am!

Awesome: bars, a couple of small elegant tables, where you can take a break from the crowds and a heart to heart talk.


Bars on Dumskaya Dacha

The oldest bar on Dumskaya Street, it features most of the regulars of Dumskaya. It was opened by a lady from Germany in the image of Berlin pubs. Dacha enjoys a special respect from foreigners. There are rumors that some EU citizens come to St. Petersburg, especially to go to Dacha! 

Awesome: Dacha has it all, small dance floor, good bar, tables, and foosball.


Bars on Dumskaya «BELGRAD»

Probably the most popular place on Dumskaya for students. The walls of Belgrade are covered by graffiti and the ceiling is peeling, and there is a pipe over the bar plastered with Soviet money. It features a good dance floor, good music, and a good atmosphere.

Awesome: bar, foosball, and a lot of places to sit down.


Bars on Dumskaya Ulitka

The main difference between "Ulitka" from its neighbors is live music and an entrance fee of 100 rubles. It is spacious enough: one room with a bar and a dance floor and a second room with sofas so you can relax and socialize. In the Ulitka, you can watch cartoons on the televisions. 

Awesome: large sofas in the hall without the loud music, good music


Bars on Dumskaya Q-Bar

Q-bar is a place for everybody. Behind the counter, you can find smiling bartenders in sport suits. The bar often has live, great DJs who usually play electronic and house music. There is a good foosball table as well as a large dance floor. The bar is huge and during the weekdays, you can play x-box for free.

Awesome: cool artwork on the walls and very spacious


Bars on Dumskaya POISON

Poison is a simple but awesome karaoke bar. The cool thing about this bar is that there are no Russian songs on the menu, so be ready to sing in English. The song menu features artists such as - Depeche Mode, Madonna, Bob Marley and classic rock 'n' roll. It is free to sing as much and as loud as you want to.

Awesome: Large song list, nice couches, and a great atmosphere!


Bars on Dumskaya Chert Poberi

"Chert Poberi," recently moved from Sadovaya Street, and the bar is different from any other at Dumskaya. This retro bar brings in people of all ages and has very nice couches to relax on. This place is really retro. On the walls are old clocks, telephones, baby photo bartenders and owners of establishments, skates, posters, and other Soviet retro things. Sometimes they have live music and dancing here can be great if you like retro music!

Awesome: Cool decorations and good beer

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