How to get to Vyborg
Sunday, 28 April 2013 22:32

How to get to Vyborg

Here are the easiest and cheapest ways to get to Vyborg from St. Petersburg. 

By Train:

This is the easiest way to get to Vyborg from St. Petersburg. First you need to go to Finlandskiy train station at Metro Station "Ploshad Lenina." A ticket costs around 200 rubles and it takes around 2 hours and 40 minutes to get to Vyborg. If you do not wish to travel to the outskirts of the city to take a bus, "Ploshad Lenina", is located in the city center and takes you right into Vyborg.

By Bus:

There are two Metro Stations where you can find buses that go to Vyborg from St. Petersburg. The two stations are "Devyatkino" and "Parnas." The bus that takes you from these two locations is number 850. From "Devyatkino", a ticket costs around 150 rubles, and from "Parnas, a ticket costs around 170 rubles. The trip takes about 2 hours but is worth it.



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