Top 5 hotels for animals in St. Petersburg
Tuesday, 21 May 2013 09:28

Hotels for Animals

If you are coming to St. Petersburg and do not know what to do with your four-legged friend, then these "hotels" are for you:

ZooECOhotel "ZooECOhotel" (ЗооЭКОотель)

A three-star hotel for animals. The hotel on the way to Pulkovo has outdoor enclosure and specially equipped rooms.

The cost of accommodation per night: from 300 rubles. Up to 650 rubles.

Address: Moscow Highway (Moskovskoe Shosse), 14, building 1, room. 17-H.

ZooECOhotel ZooECOhotel ZooECOhotel


Mini hotel Jungle Mini hotel "Jungle" (Джунгли) for cats 

As the name of this hotel will only accept cat, but at any time and for any period bring your cat to the hotel "Jungle". There are no enclosures and cages, and for the owners who worry a lot, you will be able to watch the stay of your pet on video.

The hotel can accommodate your pet for only 200 rubles. + Food for your pet that she/he is used to.

Address: Marshala Govorova Street, 8.

Mini hotel Jungle Mini hotel Jungle Mini hotel Jungle Mini hotel Jungle Mini hotel Jungle


Loris Center for dog education "Companion" (Компаньон)

This place will take only dogs. This place was established on the basis of training pets, so here are animals that will not only have shelter, but also will be taught good manners. The possibility to accommodate dogs at a cynologist or zoo-psychologist apartment is also offered.

Price is from 900 rubles a night. Food is provided by the owner.

Address: Murinsky Prospect 2, building 3, bld 2.


Companion Hotel for Dogs "Loris" (Лорис)

This hotel in the Vsevolozhsk area provides a spacious area for walking, located in a green and large area.

Every animal in this hotel is treated like a VIP-person with a special approach to every guest.

The cost per day of stay: from 500 rubles, up to 700 rubles. Meals are not included.

Address: Vsevolozhskiy district (5 km. From Mega Parnas).


Верные Друзья Hotel for animals "Happy Holidays"  (Счастливый Отдых)

This is a hotel, built on a network of an animal clinic called "True Friends". Here, the animal can relax and also at the request of the host may take a number of preventive procedures.

Address: Demyana Bednogo Street 26, bld 1.

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