Cheap Places to Eat in St. Petersburg
Sunday, 16 June 2013 18:02

Eat cheap in Saint-Petersburg

There are tons of great places in St Petersburg where one can eat cheap. The majority of them are located on Sennaya Ploshad metro station, or a few minute walk away from the metro station in any direction. Here is a list of must try places in St. Petersburg with great food for a great price!

• 1 “Domashnayaya Kukhnya” Cafeteria located on Gorokhovaya Ulitsa, 47.

• 2 Vegetarian restaurant "Pada & K" located on Gorokhovaya Ulitsa, 36. The menu only contains vegetarian dishes and some nice Indian dishes. Great atmosphere and food.

• 3 Cafeteria on Sadovaya Street. The cafeteria is located on Sadovaya street, house number 27. This cafeteria has great baked goods, a nice clean atmosphere and interior and warm-welcoming staff.

• 4 Stolovaya №1. Not long ago, this cafe opened in St. Petersburg and has locations on Ploshad Vosstaniya and Canal Griboedova. The café has the cheapest business lunch for only 99 rubles. Nice food for good prices. 

• 5 Closer to Nevsky Prospect there is a complex of cafes, pastry shops and restaurant called"Metropol." Each of these places has a separate entrance from Sadovaya Street. On the other side of Nevsky Prospekt 50, is a café called “Brynza”, which serves nice Chebureks. Cheburek costs around 110 rubles and is served with tomato sauce. A little further down the street, there is a Shaverma café, where the 5th house is and has prices from 100 to 180 rubles for a shaverma, and tea from 40 rubles, 50 rubles for coffee, and beer from 75 rubles).

• 6 On the way towards the "Church of our Savior on Spilled Blood" there is a café called "Frikadelki", located on Canal Griboyedov, 8. The café is self serve, like in a cafeteria or buffet. The menu has not only the standard dishes, but also rare items on the menu. For example, the "paella" here is only 115 rubles. Previously, "Frikadelki" was side by side with the restaurant "Prokofiy." But now, there is "Peterburger" with average prices.

• 7 On the other side of Griboyedov Canal is "St. Petersburg Cafe." Business lunch is relatively expensive (190 rubles), but some dishes are individually not as an expensive in the restaurant. For example, you can have a nice soup for 90 rubles. It leaves a good impression and has a cozy lounge to relax in.

• 8 Before the museum on Moika 12 is a café called "U Biron" ("У Бирона"). Without going away from the cultural program the city has to offer, you can eat like a Spartan here for 150-200 rubles. :)

• 9 The restaurant chain called "Stolle" ("Штолле"), serves the most delicious pies. The restaurant is located on Bolshoi Konyushennaya Ulitsa 1. Another "Stolle" is on Nevsky Prospect 11.The pies here are 30 rubles (with cabbage) to 95 rubles (with rabbit) for a portion of 125 grams and tea starts from 50 rubles.

• 10 Not so long ago, on the prestigious Bolshaya Konyushennoya Street, outside of house number 15, appeared a café called "Plyushkin House." Salads here are from 45 rubles, side dishes from 40 rubles, and soups from 90 rubles. Meat dishes range from 90-110 rubles, tea from 20 rubles, and coffee from 50 rubles. Business Lunch costs 150 rubles. Another "Plyushkin House" is at Kazanskaya Ulitsa 29.

• 11 For several decades in Leningrad and St. Petersburg, there have been great donuts on Bolshaya Konyushennaya Street 25. Due to its popularity is often crowded, but you can quickly and inexpensively satisfy your hunger. The café is called "Pyshechnaya" and consists of two rooms, each of them have places to eat and to relax with a cup of coffee and some donuts. Hours: 9.00 - 20.00, every day. One donut costs 12 rubles, tea and coffee costs 18 rubles.

• 12 On the way to St. Isaac's Square you can find two inexpensive cafes. At the corner of Malaya Morskaya Street and Gorokhovaya Street is a great bistro. It is very clean and visitors sit on sofas. The staff is also friendly and professional. Menu prices are surprisingly low: Tea costs 30 rubles, coffee costs 50 rubles, 30 rubles for side dishes, meat dishes from 55 to 75 rubles, and salads from 32 to 50 rubles. Just the opposite, on Malaya Morskaya Street 16, for some reason open only on weekdays, there is a nice café called "Two Peppers." ("Два Перца")

• 13 Antonenko Lane (Russia: Pereulok Antonenko) has long been rich with two fine dining places, "Уют" and "Tablespoon" ("Столовая Ложка") Salads at "Столовая Ложка" are from 30-45 rubles, meat dishes are from - 100-150 rubles, side dishes - 20-50, tea - 14-40, coffee - 12-45.

• 14 On Kazanskaya street (at number 38), it is worth noting the dining room "Marmaris". Lunch with first and second courses with a side dish here costs only 125 rubles.

• 15 On Ploshad Vosstaniya, opposite from Moskovskiy Vokzal, is a fast food restaurant called "The Nutcracker" ("Щелкунчик") The average cost of dinner is 300 rubles. If you come to St. Petersburg early in the morning and looking for a place to have breakfast, this place will be a convenient option. The total price for breakfast in the "Nutcracker" is up to 100 rubles. Business lunches here are 189 and 149 rubles (with soup or without, respectively). Drinks are from 45 rubles, meat dishes from 99 rubles and side dishes - 45-111 rubles, salads  from 39-59 rubles, coffee from 40 rubles.

• 16 Near Vasileovstrovskaya and Kunstkamera there is a canteen of St. Petersburg State University (Birzhevaya Line 6). This institution is the first student canteen in Russia, which opened in the XIX century. Unlike other student canteens, it works every day.

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