Pushkin in One Day
Sunday, 21 July 2013 09:18

Pushkin in one day

Don't miss the unique chance to see all of Pushkin in one day! Here, we will tell you the best places to go to for a nice day trip to Pushkin. 11 museums, interesting places, and beautiful landscapes are all awaiting you in Pushkin. 

Pushkin in one day Alexandrovskiy Park

The Alexandrovskiy Park is a park with over 200 acres of land and has a lot of interesting places to see. When strolling through the park, you should visit the white tower, ruins of the imperial Chinese Theater, the Parnas hills, and the Ratna House. 

Address: Pushkin, Sadovaya Street, 7


Pushkin in one day Pushkin Dacha Museum

This wooden building was built in 1827 and retains much of its original architectural character. Alexander Pushkin  lived here from May to October 1831, enjoying the pleasures of his first family-friendly summer house, while socializing with friends, among them, Gogol and Zhukovsky, where they had conversations and debates in literary and political themes.

Recreated from the memoirs of contemporaries, room interiors, as well as presented in the museum materials tell about the life and work of the poet of the period.

Opening hours: from 10:30 to 18:00, the ticket office is open until 17:30;

Closed on Mondays, Tuesday and last Friday of the month.

Address: Pushkin, Pushkinskaya str., 2/19


Pushkin in one day "Chinese Village"

"Chinese Village" in Pushkin was built in 1786 and the houses were intended for important guests, but because of the dampness they were not suitable for living. Later, the village was reconstructed by V.Stasov, who was an architect and the house used as a guest apartment.

Location: Pushkin, Alexander Park


Pushkin in one day Dragon Bridge

The bridge was built by the architect Cameron in 1785, and it is decorated with four figures of winged dragons, mounted on granite pedestals. 18th century figures of dragons are an interesting thing to see during your day in Pushkin.

Location: Pushkin, Alexander Park


Pushkin in one day Museum Lyceum

This unique museum tells the story of the poets' youth and the birth of their poetry. The museum recreates the atmosphere in which lived and studied people in those days. 

In June 2010, the 300th anniversary of Pushkin (2010) and the 200th anniversary of the Lyceum (2011) on the second floor of the Lyceum building is a permanent exposition "We live in the memory of Lyceum", representing more than a century, this unique institution. Definitely a place to see during your time in Pushkin.

Hours of operation: 10:30 - 18:00, the ticket office is open until 17:00;

Closed on Tuesday and last Friday of the month.

Address: Sadovaya Street, 2


Pushkin in one day History and Literature Museum

The museum contains a collection consisting of museum exhibits on the history of Pushkin, including the Soviet period, in mainly the following areas: painting, drawing, arts and crafts, numismatics, rare books and documents, sculpture, photographs, and archaeological. 

The literary and history museum organizes walking tours of the city. 

Opening hours: Every day except Thursday and Friday, from 10:00 to 17:00

Address: Leontevskaya Street, 28


Pushkin in one day Babolovsky Palace and King Bathroom

The palace was in the English Gothic style and was built in 1785 for Potemkin. It was a one-story old building, which consists of seven rooms, each with direct access to the park.

In the early 19th century, the palace became the property of the royal family. Then they decided to make out of the pavilion, bath house with a large swimming pool and steam room. In the main hall he installed a large marble bathtub for bathing in the hot days. This inhuman size bath, nicknamed "King-bath", weighing in at 48 tons, diameter 533, the depth of 152 and a height of 196 cm and a capacity of "800 buckets of water" was carved from a single piece of red granite. The Nazis tried to take it away and used tanks, but the ropes burst. The bath is still there and is surrounded by ruins.


Pushkin in one day The Cameron Gallery

The collection of sculptures in the gallery are dedicated to those of world history, and the fate of the works which have shaped the character of Catherine the Great, and the formation of her personality. She studied great philosophers, generals, history of conquering nations, ancient rulers, and writers whom she revered.

Address: Sadovaya street 7.


Pushkin in one day Museum of the History of Education

The opening of the museum took place in 2003. In addition the museum has several thematic exhibitions and portraits of distinguished teachers and famous alumni of the school-colony in Pushkin and other areas of Russia.

The museum has 4 thousand exhibits which are of genuine historical documents, interesting photographs depicting the history of education in Pushkin, from the first school, to the present day. 

Address: Pushkin Street. Pushkinskaya, 28


Pushkin in one day Museum "Pushkin collection»

The exhibition is located in the home of the state councilor Stetkevicha, and hosts a fiction of representatives of "non-art", mainly from Leningrad and Moscow underground Soviet period. The establishment features works by masters such as Vladimir Grinberg, Eugene Rothenberg, Alexandra Schekatihina-Potocki and others.

Price: 50 rubles

Address: Magazeynaya Street, 40.


Pushkin in one day Yellow Submarine

Next to the service station is a modest but sincere Beatles monument in the shape of a yellow submarine.

Location: Novoderevenskaya Street, 16a.

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